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DMI® Firm Foam Cervical Collar Neck Support SKU: DMI Firm Foam Cervical Collar
DMI® Soft Foam Cervical Collar Neck Support SKU: DMI Soft Foam Cervical Collar
DMI® Deluxe Industrial Back Support SKU: DMI Deluxe Industrial Back Support
DMI® Posture Corrector SKU: DMI Posture Corrector
DMI® Lumbar Support Back Brace with Removable Stays SKU: DMI Rigid Lumbar and Sacral Belt
DMI® Elastic Abdominal Binder SKU: DMI Abdominal Binder
DMI® Adjustable Heel and Elbow Protectors SKU: DMI Heel and Elbow Protector
DMI® Adjustable Pocket Arm Sling with Wrist Extender SKU: DMI Pocket Style Arm Slings
DMI® Adult Bib Mealtime Clothing Protectors SKU: DMI Mealtime Protectors
DMI® Patient Hospital Convalescent Gowns SKU: DMI Convalescent Gowns with Back and Side Tape Ties
DMI Flannel/Rubber Waterproof Sheeting SKU: DMI Waterproof Sheeting
DMI® Rubber Ice Bag SKU: DMI Ice Bag
DMI® Protective Mattress Cover for Beds SKU: DMI Protective Mattress Cover for Beds
DMI® Econo-Blanket SKU: 650-1131-0000
DMI® Premium Coccyx Seat Cushion SKU: DMI Premium Coccyx Seat Cushion