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Switch Sticks is where quality walking sticks meet fashion. Our walking sticks are crafted from high quality aluminum that are lightweight, durable and are registered medical devices. There are hundreds of different styles, colors and patterns to choose from, guaranteeing that you will find the perfect way to match your unique tastes and style.

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Switch Sticks® Folding Walking Sticks SKU: Switch Sticks Folding Walking Sticks
Switch Sticks® Quad Sticks SKU: Switch Sticks Quad Sticks
Switch Sticks® Seat Sticks SKU: Switch Sticks Seat Sticks
Switch Sticks® Anti-Slip Replacement Tips SKU: Switch Sticks Anti-Slip Replacement Tips
Switch Sticks Engraved Folding Walking Stick SKU: Switch Sticks Engraved Walking Stick