Hot & Cold Therapy

Healthsmart offers a variety of rehabilitation and hot and cold therapy supplies. All of our products are professional grade for high performance and durability in treatment, rehabilitation, and emergency care. Our exclusive technology (TheraBeads ®) draws moisture from the air to deliver a clean, deep-penetrating heat with no need for extra water. We also offer professional-grade heating pads, water bottles, ice bags, compresses and much more.

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Electric Heating Pads SKU: Electric Heating Pads
DMI® Rubber Ice Bag SKU: DMI Ice Bag
MABIS® Rubber Hot Water Bottle SKU: 42-840-000
DMI® KOOLpress® Reusable Cold Compresses SKU: 619-3017-0100
$28.12 $116.16
DMI® Space Emergency Rescue Blanket SKU: 650-1113-0600
DMI Sol-R Heat Instant Heat Compresses SKU: DMI Sol-R Heat Instant Heat Compresses

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