Our Brands

We only carry the most trusted and innovative brands in the medical supply & equipment industry. Our brands offer endless options of medical-grade products, that are superior in quality, cutting-edge, and affordable.


Brazos Walking Sticks

Brazos Walking Sticks is a family operated business that has been producing high-quality, hand-made walking sticks, hiking staffs, and walking canes for over 20 years. Each walking stick is handcrafted with the finest woods, by local artisans in Texas for a truly breathtaking made-in-America product. You will find a unique assortment of traditional walking sticks, hiking sticks and trekking poles that you will love to show off to friends and family.



DMI® is a recognized industry leader dedicated to providing customers the highest-quality medical products. You can trust that DMI products are durable, high-quality, effective and offer the most support for your needs. DMI offeris a full range of product solutions like, best-in-market rehab and positioning pillows, cushions, canes, pads, walkers and rollators, bath safety equipment, excercisers, and stools. Fostering innovation and teamwork, we continually evolve to support you in a competitive and everchanging market.



With over 65 years of experience Healthsmart focuses on premium healthcare products for children, adults, and seniors that provide a healthy, safer lifestyle. HealthSmart designs, creates and distributes products that help people live healthier, more independent lives. Our innovative product assortment is designed to take into consideration both style and function. HealthSmart knows what it takes to stay on the leading edge of product innovation and design.



Heelbo® specializes in heel and ankle support products that are breathable, comfortable and provide a snug fit for excellent support. The flexible stretch weave fits comfortably and slips on easily. Heelbo also offers an expanded product line that takes the same benefits and applies them to walking boots, foot elevators and more. Whether at home or in a healthcare facility, these best-in-class products will help minimize recovery-related healthcare issues and improve the overall healing process.



MABIS® is a manufacturer of health care products used by medical professionals since 1992 and sets the gold standard for precision diagnostic instruments including blood pressure monitors, thermometers and more. With a century of proven experience, these are the products healthcare professionals have come to rely on.


Nourish Beauté

Nourish Beaute offers plant-based hair growth products, body scrubs, lotions that are free of harsh, harmful chemicals. By using natural DHT blockers, our products can prevent DHT (the main cause of hair loss) from reaching the hair follicles, allowing hair to continue in the growing phase and reducing overall fallout. We believe in “Better Hair, Everyday” which can be achieved through safe & effective drug-free formulations.

nourish beaute


Steins® is a medical supplies provider that has been the leading authority in foot care products for over 80 years. They offer a comprehensive line of foot care products that are made from the highest quality materials and were designed to complement the body's natural healing process. Our innovative designs are created to allow our products to be more long-lasting than other foot care lines. This longevity offers patients improved dependabillity and opportunity for healing. All of Stein's products are American made.


Switch Sticks

Switch Sticks a 70 year old healthcare company focused on helping people meet their medical needs by designing better looking products that not only work well, but they make you look good. Sticks® are made of durable, lightweight aluminum and are height-adjustable, making them the perfect fit for most people. With a wide range of award-winning, stylish designs, Switch Sticks have taken the stigma out of using a walking stick, providing a fashion-forward solution to those who need a walking aid, but hesitate to buy one due to their appearance.