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HealthSmart® Walker Coaster Glides

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  • These handy Walker Coasters will help walkers glide easily over doorways, sidewalks and carpets
  • They last much longer than tennis balls, plus they glide better
  • Made in USA
  • Bright easy-to-see color helps you see where you’re going
  • They fit 1-inch diameter walker legs They are washable, too
  • Two walker coasters per package

Ratings & Reviews

100 reviews

Glides Smoothly!

by -

I had been using sled or skid type tips on the walker but they were always catching on the corner of rugs or corner of doorways. Also if I was walking barefooted the skids were constantly grazing my toes creating pain.These tips however glide smoothly across all surfaces. And I haven't experienced any toe grazing as of yet. 👍👍!

Durable and smooth rolling

by -

None of the other walker glides we tried were satisfactory for my husband. The rubber ones didn't glide, the ones that looked like little skis got caught in floor mats and throw rugs, and he was wearing the fuzz off of a pair of tennis balls every week. He has been using the Health Smart Walker Glides since I bought them for him a about a month ago and has had problems with them.

Better because they can handle hard surfaces,.

by -

Much better than tennis balls, works just like the balls for a smooth movement. Because they are plastic they last much longer than tennis balls. I use my walker when I have to leave home so it is on pavement and rough sidewalks. Tennis balls wear out pretty fast and these last months longer than the balls. I like them better than the plastic skis because they don't catch on carpet or floor mats like the skis do.