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White Ultrasonic Essential Oil Humidifier Diffuser

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The Cool Mist humidifier will add much-needed moisture to the air on dry days, keeping your skin moisturized, helping you breathe easier and reducing static electricity. Don’t let low levels of humidity slow you down.

Soothing cool mist, paired with your favorite essential oil, may help reduce your asthma symptoms.

Improve your air quality and add a wonderful fragrance to any room with a HealthSmart essential oil diffuser and humidifier. Our silver-plated ultrasonic atomizer uses 9 fan leaves instead of the standard 7 for faster heat dissipation and less noise to produce a cool vapor mist in its purest form. Essential oils are evenly dispersed for soothing aromatherapy that encourages relaxation. Our 2-in-1 diffuser/humidifier also effectively moisturizes dry indoor air to reduce allergens, relieve respiratory symptoms and eliminate pet odors and other smells like cigarette smoke. 

Smart Touch controls allow you to adjust the LED lights, choose from high and low misting levels and select from 1 hour, 3 hour, 6 hour and continuous timer modes. For safety purposes, the whisper-quiet mister auto shuts off after the 500 ml water reservoir runs dry. 

Program your machine to cycle through 7 different colors or stay static on 1; all of the calming colors provide ambient light suitable for daytime use or as a neat night-light. You can also brighten or dim the LED lights and turn them off altogether to meet your needs. 

With their elegant natural wood aesthetic, HealthSmart diffusers complement the decor of homes and offices alike. An anti-slip base keeps it stable, and the BPA-free materials protect you and your family. Use it in any room, including a kid’s bedroom or nursery. It’s a great gift for anyone! 

Along with a humidifier diffuser, you’ll also receive an AC adapter, 6-foot power cord and instruction manual. To use: lift up the tank cover, add water along with 3-5 drops of essential oil (not included) to the fill line, connect the adapter, and turn on. Please only use oils approved for aromatherapy. 

- Dimensions: H 9.37 x W 5.5 in 
- Working Time: 10-12 hrs 
- Diffusing Time: Up to 16 hrs


Ratings & Reviews

64 reviews

Noise and Quality

by -

Very great quality!! The noise it makes was louder than I had expected, I wanted to use this at night while I sleep but switched it to the living room for daily diffusing due to the humming. Otherwise very decorative, great diffusing and I love having more options of operation with it!

Helps with Sleep/ Sickness

by -

I love my diffuser it lasts all night!! It also provides lighting in my bedroom because I don’t like to be in complete darkness. I can smell the lavender and peppermint and a splash of lemon essential oils!! The perfect combination for sleep!! *just one drop of peppermint because you don’t want to over power your room and smell to minty because it opens up your breathing 😊

Great product

by -

Great product! My entire living room smells like my massage therapists room. I went back and bought another one for my bedroom!