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DMI® Wheelchair Backpack

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  • Provides convenient hands-free storage on the back of wheelchairs
  • Large 14 x 19 inch storage compartment with hook and loop closure is roomy enough to carry multiple items like purses, glasses, phones, water bottles, groceries, medical supplies, etc.
  • Attaches easily with slip-on straps
  • Waterproof black oxford nylon fabric is strong but lightweight
  • Machine washable


  • Includes 5-prong ice attachment
  • Attaches easily to most canes or crutches with only two screws (included)
  • Assembly hardware included; 1 ice grip per package
  • 4.25 inches long
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • UPC: 041298001317

Ratings & Reviews

100 reviews

No Returns....

by -

New to the wheel chair thing, and I ordered this nice, Amazon Favorite bag for the back of my chair. Well it was too wide for the chair, and it was useless to me. So, how about a return? NO! This item is NOT RETURNABLE. Ugh. The manufacturer will not accept returns even though this is a Prime item. And, actually I thought the fabric was kind of chintzy...the fabric is gossamer thin and a little crispy, but floppy too. So I have this bag and no use for it! Please measure carefully and be aware that if you buy it, you own it, even if it of no use to you....

Hey! This thing works!

by -

Two new backpacks...one for each chair! What more could one ask for, especially since they both replaced backpacks that were falling apart (LARGE holes in their bottoms and straps that were breaking or had already broken and were being held together with LOTS of duct tape). I think these two backpacks will last a long time.UPDATE: The straps on one of the backpacks BROKE on me yesterday, so I had to fix it--with lots more duct tape! Remind me NOT to put a 12-can package of soda in it!ADDITIONAL UPDATE: I got two more backpacks (didn't realize I ordered them after the first two arrived). One's on my "beast" chair, replacing the one with the broken strap. However, I must state the bags are somewhat smaller than the ones I have with holes in them--and the flaps on each one make them a little harder to get open and into, unless I put them on the chairs BACKWARDS. Oh well!

Very Handy

by -

It is great for the person pushing the wheelchair and the patient for carrying purses and purchases. Very handy and can be folded into nothing for storage. Great!