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DMI® Wheelchair Seat Belt Safety Strap

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  • Add more security to wheelchair or transport chair users by installing this safety strap seat belt on the chair
  • Ideal to use when the chair is moving or when you have worries that someone may fall out
  • Installs on most wheelchairs and transport chairs
  • Sturdy metal buckle with push button release just like car seat belts
  • Adjustable black 48-inch strap is strong and durable


  • Measures 16 x 5 ½ x 7 inches
  • Weighs only 1 pound
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • UPC: 041298501367

Ratings & Reviews

100 reviews

Good safety belt

by -

This is a good seat belt for our wheelchair.It's easy to install. These usually don't come with instructions, so I was surprised this one did.There are screws on the back of the wheelchair, which can be loosened. The screw then is inserted into the hold on the end of the belt and then the screw is tightened back onto the wheelchair.Caution still needs to be used when someone is in a wheelchair and we still need to be aware of their position, but this belt does help to keep them more secure.This belt opens and closes like the seat belts in our car. A simple push of the red button releases the belt.The belt is easily adjusted (one side adjusts, the other does not).I'm posting a few photos to show the installation of the belt. In one of the photos, you might notice a cushion on the side of the chair. I know it might look strange... we are using the cushion, which we had originally purchase for her to sit on, to help support my mom on that side. No matter how well she is positioned in the chair, she tends to lean to that side. If the cushion is not there, she leans WAY over the side. It's not a perfect solution, but seems to be working ok for us.

A tad short, so pull out the tape measure to make sure it will fit.

by -

Be sure to measure before making this purchase. It was not flimsy or anything, but it is just not long enough. I made this purchase to replace the belt that broke on my mobility chair. I didn't measure and assumed this new one would be long enough. Big Mistake! It would be okay for a pediatric mobility chair or someone small. Even if you have a teenie waist (adult), I think that you would have a problem when you wear a jacket or a coat. Luckily, I was able to just swap the buckle and the hardware from this new one. The plastic casing around the old buckle is what broke. For 10 bucks, I didn't sweat it, I was glad that my brother observed that they could be swapped and I'm happy to be secured in my mobility chair again.

Safety so-so

by -

First of all, it works, but it is a little tight for adults, and if you are more full figured, forget it, it also has a tendency to loose if you lean forward a bit too much