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MABIS® CALIBER™ Series Adjustable Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

SKU: Mabis Caliber Series Adjustable Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
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Starting at $60.18

Out of Stock


  • Comes with a mini-screwdriver and is specifically designed so you can easily set the gauge to 0, if needed
  • Professional look and style! Ideal sphygmomanometer for doctors, nurses, pediatricians, EMTs and other medical professionals.
  • Get professional accuracy without the need for electronics or batteries
  • Convenient deluxe zippered carrying case
  • Includes deluxe air release valve and inflation bulb. Contains latex.
  • 20-year calibration warranty


  • Specially designed so the user can easily set the gauge to zero if needed
  • Insert a mini-screwdriver (included) into the stem of the gauge and turn the screwdriver until the needle returns to zero
  • Includes: deluxe air release valve, inflation bulb, blue nylon calibrated cuff and zippered carrying case
  • 20-year calibration warranty on gauge
  • Contains latex
  • UPC: 767056330115; 767056330153; 767056330160

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Good Cushion with NO STRAPSSSSSSSS

by -

I was kind of disappointed to find that this product does not have any straps to secure it to my bucket seats, even though its advertised as having them. According to the product packaging, the standard version is the one with the straps. The bucket seat version does not have straps. This is not necessarily the seller's fault because the product packaging also shows a picture of a cushion WITH straps. Confusing?Other than that, there is not much I can add that others have not already mentioned in their reviews. It seems like a good, firm, supportive pillow. The bucket seats in my car are designed for a much smaller person and since I have been driving at least 14 hours a week for the past 3 years, I started experiencing some back pain. This cushion is just what the doctor ordered. It also has a removable/washable cover. JUST WISH IT HAD STRAPS!

comfortable backrest for the way women sit

by -

Ahhh...finally some back support for the female back. Last month, when I took my father to a doctor's office, the nurses in the front office had a stack of these backrests sitting on a counter. I asked them what those things were, and what they were for. A nurse told me that they were back rests for their uncomfortable office chairs. I asked why they were still in a pile, and she said the woman who was going to sew straps for them (so they could stay on their chairs) had accepted a job with a new company. Since I know how to sew, I volunteered to take the backrest home and sew straps on for them. I tried one out in my car on the way home and smiled from ear to ear. Finally! Something that made my car seat comfortable! I sewed straps on them and returned them to the nurses the following day. I also ordered a backrest for myself and I'm enjoying it very much in my Ford EcoSport. Car seats are designed for the 48% of the population which is male. Men sit very, very differently than women do. So, if you are a female who would like to make your car seat, or office chair, more comfortable, I highly recommend this particular backrest. I have tried others in my car and none worked as well as this one!

Less back pain

by -

I have been fighting with some back pains for a few years now (maybe about 2). I believe my back pain is from my lower back and is muscle related. There are many contributing factors to my back pain problems, but this product was able to alleviate one of the problems I had, which was my primary car's bucket seat. I'm a delivery driver so I am constantly jumping in and out of my car over an extended period of time (could range from 4 to 8 hours per day). I am using this product in a 96 Acura Integra RS and it seems to be helping. It DOES NOT move around too much at all for me, which I thought it would even though this one does not come with the strap. SOMETIMES I do need to adjust it to fit where I want it to work on my lower back though (I am short, 5'4"). It doesn't get rid of my back pain (because I have other causes of that same back pain) but it does help me not feel that back pain as much in the car (before this product my back would start to hurt after 3 hours of a busy day, now I can go 8 hours or more and still be feeling fine), so its a definite plus for me.