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HealthSmart® No-Skid Bath & Shower Mats

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Starting at $9.78

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  • This non-slip bath and shower mat could reduce the risk of falls in the bathtub or shower
  • Suction cups anchor the mat to the tub or shower floor on flat, smooth surfaces. Be sure to test its adherence to the floor before each use.
  • Provides cushioned comfort for sitting or standing
  • Drain holes help prevent water buildup
  • Blue vinyl resists dirt, mildew, fading and peeling


  • Blue vinyl resists dirt, mildew, fading and peeling
  • 120-day warranty
  • UPC: 041298174011; 041298174219

Ratings & Reviews

42 reviews

I love whoever designed this!!!

by -

I can't say enough good about this device. The BEST feature is the way it folds! I can just lift up and because it fold SIDE TO SIDE with I can squeeze through tighter places. Also I can fit it into a smaller space in car. It is light weight enough for MEN to lift into car. This makes me more independent and able to way more activities. Another great feature is the wheel offset. Great designing! I can get so much more in the middle for complete support. I love the wheels becuase they are not hard plastic and I have been able to roll over rough (i have a stone driveway and need to walk over it to get to my car) terrain and not have it tip ove front wise! Huge for me as if I really lean on it I can motor along pretty fast which is great for aerobic benefits! The seat is fine for short sitting. I tried to sit in it for a cooking show and find after 30 minutes the pain was getting to me. I used a pillow, too but that did not help for a long sit. I am very heavy and tall but the height adjustment was fine for me. I agree with a previous reviewer that for taller people this height would force them to bend over. This is not good for posture! I have the setting to maximum height. I am 5'8". My daughter noticed I have better posture, also. Take the strain off my middle back while walking. This is huge for me as the rest of my back was relally hurting from stooping over. I used to have a large rollator that had the folding axis in the other direction and it would not stay closed for me to lift into car. I was at the osteooncologist yesterday and showed him this and he wanted to know who makes it. I will take info to him next time we go! He liked the things I pointed out to him. I feel this is a much safer way to go than the traditional walker because it does not get hung up on carpets and uneven pavement joins. I could go on but I think you get the picture. I have only had it a week but I am seeing benefits already in many ways!

Best for personal alignment, but crappy plastic wheels

by -

Excellent walker! I am 5'2" and it fits me like a charm. The longer distance to toe rear wheels and abit narrower seat let you stand up straight and snuggle "into" the waiter. I fing myself bending over Rollatos that have equidistant separation between front and back wheels, giving me a backache! My only complaint (and a big one) is that the wheels are PLASTIC and do notprovide traction!

The only rollator walker for me!

by -

I have not been able to use a rollator walker in the past. I have a deformed leg and I kept on kicking the back wheels and falling. This rollator walker works for me. The wheels in the back are set far enough away that I don't kick them. If you have had trouble with the back wheels of a rollator you should try this one. I am able to lift this one myself because it is so lightweight. I have two of these now: one for the house and one for the car. People often stop me and ask me where they can get one. The seat is comfortable for sitting but just for very short periods of time.