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HealthSmart® Premium Series Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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This digital wrist blood pressure monitor will fit into your lifestyle whether you use it at home or on the go. Stay on top of your blood pressure no matter where your day takes you. Bring it to the office, the gym or even on a trip. Healthy living, simplified! No uncertainty here – just large, easy-to-read blood pressure and heart rate numbers on an advanced digital LCD screen. The convenient talking feature lets you hear your results in either English or Spanish, making it easy to monitor your progress. It is battery operated, so say goodbye to cords that get in the way. Cuff is 5 ¼ x 8 ½ inches. Monitor your progress on the go with an automatic average of your last three readings. Features include Visual BP Guide and irregular heartbeat detection. Keep track of past readings with the memory that stores as much as 120 total readings for two users and includes a date and time stamp.


  • 120-Reading Memory Storage (60 each for 2 users) with date and time stamp
  • Irregular heart beat indicator
  • Powered by batteries
  • Visual BP Guide
  • Talking function in English or Spanish
  • Wrist cuff is 5 ¼ x 8 ½ inches
  • Heart Spot Technology
  • Clinically accurate
  • High contrast backlit LCD screen
  • Averages last 3 readings
  • Measures 3 x 2 ½ inches
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Includes: One wrist monitor, one cuff, 2 AAA batteries and case
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • UPC: 7-67056-82001-2

Ratings & Reviews

47 reviews

Great product, accurate readings

by -

Great product, accurate readings, consistent. Pricier unit, it does work good.

Outstanding Device. Read the Instructions Before Testing the First Time

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There is a great deal about this that I like, and one point that needs consideration. Before i proceed, please allow me to set the parameters of my testing.I am a disabled Vietnam-Era veteran and am undergoing tele-health treatment for diabetes. I have a Cardiocom health evaluation device setup in my home. This automated device checks my blood pressure/pulse, weight, and transmits that information along with my blood sugar tests manually checked by me using an Aviva Accu-Chek device.Every time I go to my local (40 miles from home) clinic, my I also am tested. The results vs my home tests usually vary slightly, but insignificantly. Point is, my tele-health device serves as a good reference for comparison with the HealthSmart wrist blood pressure equipment I am reporting on.So, how did the results compare?The first check was unacceptable, but the fault was mine. I learned what I was doing wrong by re-reading the instructions.The instructions say you need to position the wristband at the elevation of your heart. If it is too high, the reading will be too low. In my case, however, my systolic reading was 20 points high. Diastolic was 10 points high.The next several tries I was unable to get a reading, but that was my error, as my wrist was not lowered to the point where the flashing O stops flashing. Once I lowered my wrist, though, the device took the measurements with nary a failure. Each of four tests was within five points on systolic and diastolic. Further, even the first errant test had a pulse (heart rate) within one beat of the reading taken by my tele-health device.The operating instructions are excellent. The device ships with two AAA batteries and a well-designed plastic storage case. Further, the device stores your most recent 120 readings and speaks your results, in addition to an easy-to-read visual display.Bottom LineAfter the first test, I was prepared to write a super-critical one star review. However, further evaluation convinced me that this is a hero.Five stars out of five.

Accurate and easy to use -- works on left or right wrist ...

by -

I use a wrist blood pressure monitor daily due to some medical issues, and over the years, I've used a number of different makes/models. This is my first experience with a "taking" monitor. I like it -- but I'm not in love with it.The good new: as far as I can tell, this is reasonably accurate. I compared it to my current monitor which I know to be accurate (I take it with me to doctor's appointments periodically to check it against their measurements), and it matched in 9 out of 10 readings. The one that didn't match was only 1 point off on the systolic (upper) measurement, so for me, that's close enough.Ease of use: very easy, but you do have to get your arm positioned properly or it won't inflate. It seems to take a little longer to get the result than my "non-speaking" unit. My wrist is about 7 1/4" and it fits just fine. The display is large and easy to read, showing your blood pressure, heart rate, an indicator if it detects heartbeat irregularity, and a scale that shows where your reading stands in WHO terms (good/etc.). Overall, very nice unit.Although we're supposed to take the readings from the left wrist, I have to use my right wrist due to some nerve damage in my left arm. Not all wrist blood pressure monitors work on the right wrist, but the good news is that this one does.No complaints at all. This works as it is supposed to work. I'm still on the fence about the talking aspect, but if you need this feature, it seems to work properly.