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DMI® Waterproof Cast and Bandage Protectors

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Starting at $12.79

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  • Don’t let an injury slow you down! This waterproof cast protector will keep your cast or bandage from getting wet in the shower and looks much better than a plastic bag.
  • Secure fit. The convenient stretchable opening and latex strap ensure a comfortable tight seal to keep the protector from sliding and to prevent water from coming in. The loop and lock adjustable rubber strap offers a nice custom fit, meaning you’ll be comfortable.
  • Helps reduce the risk of infection by keeping your cast or bandage dry as you shower
  • Made of thick, durable material (plastic or vinyl) that acts a strong protective barrier for your cast or bandage, meaning it will last a long time
  • Conveniently reusable and easy-to-clean. Contains latex.


  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Contains latex
  • UPC: 041298065593; 041298065609; 041298065623; 041298065630; 041298065647; 041298065791; 041298065807; 04129806581; 041298065821; 041298065838; 041298065845; 041298065852; 041298065869; 041298065876; 041298065883

Ratings & Reviews

1281 reviews

Fit well, doesn't leak

by -

The "adult foot and ankle" size was perfect for my size 13 foot with a bulky dressing around the ankle. It came up about 6-9" above my ankle. If your foot is shorter, it would come up higher on your leg. I was able to shower while keeping the dressing dry.I stretched a tube sock over my dressing before slipping on this cover, to make it easier to slide over the dressing. I used these covers for two earlier hand surgeries and found that having a stocking of some type over the cast makes putting them on and taking them off easier.I have never had one of these products leak or fail.

Great if used correctly

by -

When I first tried this product everything got wet and it was a huge issue. However I meant to return it but then forgot and a few days later I decided to give it one more chance this time I took off the special shoe I have to wear in order to walk on my foot (I had kept this on the first time) I placed a towel at the bottom (just in case water got in again and also for added support) without the shoe this came further up my leg and was in fact water proof. I would not recommend shaving in it as when you bend or move your leg it can break the seal. However the key to using this is that the seal is high up on your leg at least 6 inches above your ankle. The first time I used this it was not and that is how the water was able to get it.

Waterproof, you need help putting it on, get longer one for bandage or cast mid-way to elbow

by -

You need someone to help get this on and off your arm, but it works! I had wrist surgery and got the 12” protector. I’d recommend the next level longer if you have wrist surgery or where your arm is wrapped half way or more to your elbow. My two challenges with the protector were the tightness of the opening around my arm. It was uncomfortable, but keeps water out and away from my bandage where moisture could cause infection so the tightness was tolerable. Secondly, if the bandage, cast protector is longer, the seal can be at the smaller part of your arm near the elbow. This may be slightly less uncomfortable.