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DMI® Reversible Gel Foam Seat Cushions

SKU: DMI Gel and Foam Flotation Cushions
97 Reviews
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Starting at $49.94

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  • Get the best of both worlds with this reversible gel foam cushion. One side of the cushion holds firm foam while the other side is cushioned by soft foam for ultimate versatility and comfort.
  • Features a generous amount of gel between the firm and soft foam that conforms to your body, offers great stability and provides welcome relief to the lower back and tailbone areas
  • Adds extra comfort to office chairs, dining chairs, wheelchairs, larger car seats, boats, RVs and much more
  • Removable cover has positioning straps and handles for easy carrying and transport
  • Size: 16 x 18 x 2 inches (Black Nylon cushion is 16 x 20 x 2 inches)


  • Reversible cushion gives you the option of firm or soft support
  • Removable cover has positioning straps and handles for easy carrying and transport
  • Size: 16 x 18 x 2 inches (Black Nylon cushion is 16 x 20 x 2 inches)
  • UPC: 041298076322; 041298076315; 041298076421; 041298076407; 041298076452; 041298076476

Ratings & Reviews

97 reviews

The PERFECT solution to a vertical challenge

by -

Excellent size, very sturdy, easy to carry around where needed. I don't feel like I'm going to fall, and I can reach most of my shelves when I need to without carrying a large step-ladder around.

Solid and stable

by -

I bought this for a couple of different purposes, the first of which was to allow my toddler a sturdy step - with railing - that lets him use the toilet independently. This has been perfect. Plenty stable for a wriggling little boy to pull himself up and stand on it. Excellent grip on the step itself, so no chance of him slipping around on it. The handle is sturdy and well-constructed.We're also planning to use this for when we have older visitors to our home who need some assistance getting in and out of our tub. I've stepped up and down into the tub from it and, again, it seems stable and usable.Assembly was fairly straightforward and required only basic tools not included with the parts (Phillips screwdriver). I'm not terribly handy and was able to put it all together by myself in maybe 15-20 minutes.Only caveat at all - stability always comes with the natural con of being heavier. I find this easy enough to move (with two hands - I have some wrist problems) but it's too heavy for my toddler to move from, for instance, toilet to sink. If you're buying this for someone who will have difficult lifting several pounds, it will need to stay in one place or someone else will need to move it for them.

It's okay, wish it was a tad bit larger and sturdier.

by -

Overall the Duro-Med foot stool is OK. The assembly could be a bit easier and the directions need improving. It is not quite as sturdy nor is it quite as tall or as large overall as I had expected. The weight capacity is 250 pounds. Maybe my expectations were off so I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 3 stars.Assembly - you will need a medium sized Philips screw driver and a good quality socket or nut driver set. Don't bother with the included tiny "wrench", it's just frustrating. Be sure to check the bottom of the step as to the layout of 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 on the legs against the step. Don't make the mistake I did of not lining up the 2 sets of legs in the same direction (I had to pull it back apart because of this). Once assembled our foot stool was 'catty wompus' - having someone of moderate weight stand on the step for a few minutes quickly resolved this issue.The directions and parts list are mostly accurate. The parts list includes "E - Washers (8)" Thankfully 12 washers are included because 12 are needed and 12 are indeed used per the directions. Customer service is listed as 800-622-4714. Made in Taiwan.