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DMI® Reversible Gel Foam Seat Cushions

SKU: DMI Gel and Foam Flotation Cushions
97 Reviews
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Starting at $49.94

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  • Get the best of both worlds with this reversible gel foam cushion. One side of the cushion holds firm foam while the other side is cushioned by soft foam for ultimate versatility and comfort.
  • Features a generous amount of gel between the firm and soft foam that conforms to your body, offers great stability and provides welcome relief to the lower back and tailbone areas
  • Adds extra comfort to office chairs, dining chairs, wheelchairs, larger car seats, boats, RVs and much more
  • Removable cover has positioning straps and handles for easy carrying and transport
  • Size: 16 x 18 x 2 inches (Black Nylon cushion is 16 x 20 x 2 inches)


  • Reversible cushion gives you the option of firm or soft support
  • Removable cover has positioning straps and handles for easy carrying and transport
  • Size: 16 x 18 x 2 inches (Black Nylon cushion is 16 x 20 x 2 inches)
  • UPC: 041298076322; 041298076315; 041298076421; 041298076407; 041298076452; 041298076476

Ratings & Reviews

97 reviews

Great, sturdy stool but quite easy to carry from room to room if necessary - Highly recommended

by -

I first was offered one of these stools to use in a motel when I checked in as hostess advised their beds were extra high. Once I got in my room I realized the bed was high, but no higher than my sleigh bed at home. I used the stool simply because it was made available to me and dang if I didn't love it and decided when I returned home I would purchase one for myself to use at home. Stool arrived assembled much to my delight, but soon I realized with the handle, it is so easy to carry throughout house I use it not just to get in and out of bed, but am using it in the kitchen to reach into cupboards as well as in bathrooms for higher up cupboards. Wonderful, useful stool to have.

Stable and safe

by -

I gave it four stars because I found it difficult to assemble -- but that might just be me. I have very little experience assembling furniture and and the illustrations in the instructions could have been clearer. I was every nervous that I would make a mistake in assembling. It took me some time to make sure I had done it correctly. My mother and I both use it and it's great to have around the house. ..

Pay attention to every detail of your order!

by -

Well here I go. Product was well worth the buy. No doubt about it. My problem lay in the ordering. First of all please pay attention to little details of your order. It wasn't adjustable, so my mom couldn't step up high enough to stand on the step. Had to mail it back. Postage was free of course, but had to buy another box to fit handle. So second of all, never throw away your box till you're sure you're going to keep the product!!! Cost me $12.61. Lol my bad.