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DMI® Reversible Gel Foam Seat Cushions

SKU: DMI Gel and Foam Flotation Cushions
97 Reviews
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Starting at $49.94

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  • Get the best of both worlds with this reversible gel foam cushion. One side of the cushion holds firm foam while the other side is cushioned by soft foam for ultimate versatility and comfort.
  • Features a generous amount of gel between the firm and soft foam that conforms to your body, offers great stability and provides welcome relief to the lower back and tailbone areas
  • Adds extra comfort to office chairs, dining chairs, wheelchairs, larger car seats, boats, RVs and much more
  • Removable cover has positioning straps and handles for easy carrying and transport
  • Size: 16 x 18 x 2 inches (Black Nylon cushion is 16 x 20 x 2 inches)


  • Reversible cushion gives you the option of firm or soft support
  • Removable cover has positioning straps and handles for easy carrying and transport
  • Size: 16 x 18 x 2 inches (Black Nylon cushion is 16 x 20 x 2 inches)
  • UPC: 041298076322; 041298076315; 041298076421; 041298076407; 041298076452; 041298076476

Ratings & Reviews

97 reviews

So easy to use.

by -

The reviews indicated that quite a few people had no hardware with their step stool. I bought 3 and the hardware was there for each of them. I bought one for my sister, one for myself (we stand a little close to the floor) and one was given to a close family friend who saw ours and liked it. I used these when I worked in the local hospital. They are so handy and with the handle you get that added bit of security when you step up on it. I even sit on mine to do some work low to the ground. Other issues that were noted by others is the covering on the step. I haven't encountered that but, if I do, I'm sure I can repair it to my satisfaction with minimal effort. All in all, I heartily recommend this product.

Usable, but can potentially be unstable.

by -

At first glance, the materials seem sturdy. The base is a heavy duty particle board but seems usable. However after assembling, I found it to be very unstable if you put weight on the handle first before stepping on the platform, such as when exiting a shower for people with leg casts or the elderly. It very easily pushes to the side as the handle has a very awkward center of gravity when force is applied, causing the platform to tilt and almost fall over. Little forward motion can also cause it to tilt but it will likely stay upright. A better design would have been to extend the legs past the handle, so it is more balanced, or attach a platform on either side of the handle. I bought this for my grandpa who broke his ankle and has a high bathtub to get out of. I am very hesitant to continue unless I can get him to not apply sideways force on the handle. I am considering bolting additional crossbars for stability, but am slightly disappointed in the stability of this product.

It does what I bought it for

by -

My balance isn't the best as I grow older and thought to buy a footstool with a grab handle to make it easier to get things in/out the cabinets. It was a bit much for me to assemble [76] but a young man did it and it didn't look hard at all. My main problem would be the positions needed to do it and being able to tighten it enough. I like it and am glad I bought it as it makes it easier to reach things and feel safe doing it.