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  • Leg elevation pillow raises your legs or feet at the proper angle to take pressure off your lower back, legs and knees
  • Helps improve circulation while allowing the spinal cord to relax, easing pressure on your back
  • The leg wedge pillow is helpful for those suffering from back pain, knee pain, varicose veins, phlebitis or restless legs and those recovering from surgery
  • Supportive foam keeps its shape
  • Removable, zippered, polyester/cotton cover is machine washable


  • Removable, zippered, polyester/cotton cover is machine washable
  • UPC: 041298807131; 041298807155; 041298807179

Ratings & Reviews

2295 reviews

Relieves lower back pain/pressure

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I was looking for something to alleviate my lower back pain while sleeping and this has been super helpful. It does end of slipping off the edge of my bed quite often, but I'm a toss/turn type, so that could be more my fault than anything else. It's lightweight and the removable cover comes in handy since I have several cats who also enjoy this pillow. I found it also comes in handy as a place to set my laptop when I want to work in bed. I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for something to provide a little relief from lower back pain experienced while sleeping in an uncomfortable bed or even if you just have a bad back. I'm a side sleeper, and I still find this to be convenient for allowing me to hike one leg up and over top while my other leg is bent up toward me.

Very firm but does the job

by -

I purchased this to help my rehab from a total knee replacement. I couldn't use it in the beginning because I was instructed to elevate with my leg straight, but after a few weeks I graduated to this. I find the size/dimensions to be a little odd. I am 5' 6" with legs of normal proportion. To get my knee to rest at the top bend, I really have to shove this all the was to my rear. My foot comes all the way to the edge, so if I were taller I'm not sure how this would work (I guess it depends on your proportions). It is VERY FIRM, almost uncomfortable at first but does soften up with use. I put a folded plush blanket on top of it, especially under my knee, to help soften this up. I do love that the cover zips off for washing (which I have not done, but the zipper seems well constructed). I think if the manufacturer wanted to improve this product they would maybe have a softer padded cover for it. But I think for what it is it is priced fairly and does the job. Just note that it is firm and if you're tall I'm pretty sure your foot will dangle off the edge.

Too high for my legs, Cut in half.. Used remander as a seat cushion

by -

Woke up about three weeks ago and my knee wouldn't support my weight at all standing up so I hobble around. Again ordered everything I could that may help, like one day service by Amazon. I found out by letting my leg streach out slowly to full length, that helped get me back on my feet. Tried this cushion before I found this out and this was the opposite I needed. Slowly everything came back except my foot was swollen. Thought this was again worth trying but instead, my knee hurt again. So I cut foam down by 2/3rds, used small portion as a seat cushion and have the reminder ready to try again later but not as high. I have used a professional knee brace too Doc gave me years ago which helped a lot.