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  • Leg elevation pillow raises your legs or feet at the proper angle to take pressure off your lower back, legs and knees
  • Helps improve circulation while allowing the spinal cord to relax, easing pressure on your back
  • The leg wedge pillow is helpful for those suffering from back pain, knee pain, varicose veins, phlebitis or restless legs and those recovering from surgery
  • Supportive foam keeps its shape
  • Removable, zippered, polyester/cotton cover is machine washable


  • Removable, zippered, polyester/cotton cover is machine washable
  • UPC: 041298807131; 041298807155; 041298807179

Ratings & Reviews

2295 reviews

Legs feel great in the morning after using this support pillow.

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Ordered this pillow along with a Wedge Pillow. Currently having issues with both knees. Decided to find something that could elevate my legs when I slept. Settled on this pillow after reading it's reviews. Well those that rated it as a 5 star product were correct. After using it the last 2 nights can't believe I waited this long. This support pillow does what it is designed to do, and that's supports my legs in a position that's more comfortable while I sleep. Also love the fact that the cover is removable (zippered off) when it's time for it to be washed. Color is nice also. (blue is my favorite color) Very satisfied with this purchase.

Needs to be longer across but good if you have thin legs.

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If you have thin legs and a small behind then this wedge does give sciatica pain relief! For usage while sleeping/all night; you will need to sleep on back (obviously as this is a strong foam wedge) ! My only want is it to be wider across. Its a tad bit narrow; though i have thin legs (if this were for a waistline then that would be a different story!) but even with my thin legs i dont feel theres enough room ro comfortably spread your legs. Bottom line; read dimensions especially across (where your bum meets the pillows end) this will determine how comfortable the pillow is. I ordered two more n made sure I ordered longer across on both. One is a gift n the other is for myself. Ill end up using this wedge under my head for when i have heartburn or gerd. .

Great Wedge to elevate Calves/Ankles/Feet

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8 Inch wedge was cheapest option when I purchased, 6 Inch and 10 Inch were at least 50% more????? The 20 Inch width, are wide enough if you want to not move around, 2 are good on a Twin bed, and 4 fit nicely on a King bed.The 8 inch wedges work well, but I have to push the wedge in about 8 inches from the end of the bed to get the wedge to come up to my hips. I put a My Pillow King Mattress Topper over the hole arrangement and IT IS GREAT. To fill in the end of the bed under the mattress topper because the wedges are pushed forward, I have used boxes, and recently empty 1 gallon water jugs have replaced the boxes. Jugs are filled with air, and don't crush as easily as the boxes did.