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  • Leg elevation pillow raises your legs or feet at the proper angle to take pressure off your lower back, legs and knees
  • Helps improve circulation while allowing the spinal cord to relax, easing pressure on your back
  • The leg wedge pillow is helpful for those suffering from back pain, knee pain, varicose veins, phlebitis or restless legs and those recovering from surgery
  • Supportive foam keeps its shape
  • Removable, zippered, polyester/cotton cover is machine washable


  • Removable, zippered, polyester/cotton cover is machine washable
  • UPC: 041298807131; 041298807155; 041298807179

Ratings & Reviews

2295 reviews

This works for hip pain relief

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I've been sleeping with pillows under my knees for years and have tried a variety of pillows and supports and different sleeping positions. I figured I'd give this a try.The foam block wedge came packaged in a box and was not compressed at all. It is very firm so I was skeptical about the comfort. My heels hang off the end, which allows the weight of my legs to be supported by my calves and relieves the pressure from my hips. I'm very impressed with this wedge. I slept for 6 hours straight without waking up, when usually I wake up every 2-3 hrs to reposition pillows.I have significantly less pain in the mornings and it is easier to get out of bed.I've had this for a week so far and will update my review if anything changes.

Great for elevating your legs

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Very happy with this bed wedge. I use it to elevate my legs while using a lymphedema pump and it's very comfortable and elevates my legs a lot which is what I wanted to improve the circulation while I am resting. I use it while in bed and while on the couch watching TV. Definitely is a big item and takes up some space but does exactly what it's supposed to. I don't feel it is hard at all, it feels comfortable. I also use it at night time to elevate my legs as I always sleep with my legs elevated. I used to use several pillows to elevate my legs and they always failed to keep my legs up. This product is great to elevate your legs and is comfortable. Shipping was prompt. It arrived in a nice large box safely protected. Very happy with the purchase.

It’s “okay”...

by -

This is my second wedge pillow. This one wasn’t any less expensive than the other, but I should have paid more attention to a few details. The width, for one thing. It’s pretty narrow, to the point where my legs have to be right together for both of them to be on the pillow. No “wiggle room”. The other thing is the softness. Now, I understand it has to be firm enough to support you, but my first pillow was plenty “firm” but still soft...almost pillow-top soft. This one seems to be lighter weight foam, but much denser; if it were much denser it would feel like styrofoam, IMO.So, overall, it does the job, it’s well made, it’s just kind of “industrial” rather than “comfy”. But that’s just one guys opinion...