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DMI® Orthopedic Foam Bed Wedge Pillows

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Starting at $42.25

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  • This foam bed wedge pillow has a comfortable, gradual slope that eases body aches and pains. Helps relieve respiratory problems, acid reflux, neck and shoulder pain, back pain and to minimize snoring.
  • Elevates your legs for better blood flow to the brain, improved circulation and less pressure on your back
  • This medical wedge pillow is made with Supportive, durable foam that keeps its shape. It won’t flatten out or wear off over time.
  • Helps with recovery after surgery. Delivers proper elevation after foot, leg or knee surgery so you can recover comfortably.
  • Perfect foam bed wedge to use while reading, watching TV or working on your electronic device in bed
  • Removable, zippered, machine-washable polyester/cotton cover


  • Comes with a removable, zippered, machine-washable polyester/cotton cover
  • UPC: 041298802037; 041298802044; 041298802051; 041298802068; 041298802075; 041298802020

Ratings & Reviews

1789 reviews

Great Product

by -

I ordered this originally because I suffer from severe GERD, so needed something to elevate me, since I can't lift my bed to put bricks under it to elevate it. After ordering, I found out I was going to need a total thyroidectomy, and after the surgery, I would need to prop my head; worked great for both GERD and relief from thyroidectomy.

love it

by -

The wedge is the perfect angle for me. It doesn't have a strong odor. Slight odor when 1st opened, but goes away fairly quickly. I have a sensitivity to smells, so I was worried about it when purchasing. I use it with pillows on top for a softer surface.

Wasn't what I was looking for exactly

by -

For me this is too hard to use to elevate the neck or head. I use it to sit up in bed, or to elevate legs with. The foam should be a bit softer as it is pretty stiff. So yes it offers support, but you most definitely need a very plush pillow to use with this if you are using it for head or neck and that is not doing you good.