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DMI® Orthopedic Foam Bed Wedge Pillows

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Starting at $42.25

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  • This foam bed wedge pillow has a comfortable, gradual slope that eases body aches and pains. Helps relieve respiratory problems, acid reflux, neck and shoulder pain, back pain and to minimize snoring.
  • Elevates your legs for better blood flow to the brain, improved circulation and less pressure on your back
  • This medical wedge pillow is made with Supportive, durable foam that keeps its shape. It won’t flatten out or wear off over time.
  • Helps with recovery after surgery. Delivers proper elevation after foot, leg or knee surgery so you can recover comfortably.
  • Perfect foam bed wedge to use while reading, watching TV or working on your electronic device in bed
  • Removable, zippered, machine-washable polyester/cotton cover


  • Comes with a removable, zippered, machine-washable polyester/cotton cover
  • UPC: 041298802037; 041298802044; 041298802051; 041298802068; 041298802075; 041298802020

Ratings & Reviews

1789 reviews

Amazing As A Back And Posture Support For A 440lb Man

by -

I bought 2 of this product for myself, one for the bed, and one for sitting in my chair.My bed situation is unique, so I won't be covering or discussing that aspect of the pillow in my review, other than to say it's very firm, and works for my needs.As for a back support, I place this into my seat when sitting on either my sofa or my club chair (think of a club chair as like a sofa for one)First off, MAKE SURE THAT YOU PLACE THIS WITH THE "BOTTOM ANGLE" TO THE BACK OF THE SURFACE YOUR SITTING IN! When you first get this product, a information tag will be on the cover. The side that tag is on is the "bottom. " Flipping the pillow around will cause massive discomfort, as the angle will be wrong for good posture.In a correct position, this foam holds very sturdily as I rest my full weight against it. There's enough give to very comfortably cushion my lower back, but not enough to easily allow me to sink into the chair. I suffer from a consistent lower back pain, and I felt the pain ease immediately when I sat with this.The blue cover is a tad grainy, very reminiscent of hospital gown material, as other reviewers have stated. The zipper is average quality, but I would still not take my chances on putting this in a dryer on anything other than a low heat, and I plan on air drying my covers.When I buy this again, I may experiment with more thickness, but that is only because of how deep my club chair is, and I'd like to sit a bit more forward. The 7 inch is fine for the purposes of pain relief and comfort, and if used correctly, will not disappoint.

Great buy!

by -

Firm strong material (NOT foam, NOT SOFT), perfect to use in chairs to keep back straight, and to lay down in prone position.

what appeared to them as the foam being covered in hair was actually the threads from the cover - hair like, lots of them

by -

This is a very firm foam wedge, perhaps too firm for some people, or too tall for others (12"). That said, I think it's just as it is described - the firmness, for me, made sure to keep my legs elevated as I needed and to offset the stress from the firmness, I stuffed an old goose down pillow on the side I wanted to rest my feet. Downside to this is I could not rezip the cover but it makes it functional for my purposes.Some people have complained about an oder, though mine came packed with an oder-eater which seem to work on my pillow and I didn't notice any irritating smell. Also saw where when someone unzipped it, what appeared to them as the foam being covered in hair was actually the threads from the cover - hair like, lots of them, but not hair.One suggestion for people who are trying to purchase this type of foam wedge, take in consideration how high you want to be elevated by using pillows to see what height is comfortable before making a purchase. 12" is pretty high and I have seen them being offered with less elevation. Too hard, then maybe stuffing an old pillow inside might help but one doesn't want it to sink in like memory foam. I have those too and for the purposes that I had in mind they are perfect, but are too heavy and 'squishy' for elevating my legs. Price point and quality are just about right.