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DMI® Ergonomic Reachers with Rotating Jaw

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  • This lightweight plastic reacher helps you pick up hard-to-reach objects
  • Ergonomic trigger handle is easy on your hand
  • Claw rotates 360 degrees to reach any direction. Simply pull up on it and turn
  • Convenient magnet on the back of the handle picks up light metal objects
  • Rubber cushion tips help secure your grasp


  • Plastic frame
  • 3.5 inch claw opening
  • UPC: 041298017776; 041298017783

Ratings & Reviews

38 reviews

Perfect to ease back pain

by -

I purchased this pillow 4 years ago. I have an artificial hip and congestive heart failure and lay flat on my back to sleep. I was not able to sleep because my back was aching so much. I got this pillow and it was just perfect for under my knees while I slept.. I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in ages. Now, after 4 years, the foam has packed down somewhat and so I started looking for another one. I looked at a lot of them on Amazon but some were too short, some not high enough and finally I found this same one I purchased previously and am buying it once more. I didn't write a review initially but since it worked so well for me and lasted 4 years, I figured I would write one now as I was buying a replacement.

LOVE THIS! No more hip pain.

by -

I bought this hoping that it would relieve the hip pain I was experiencing when sleeping in my bed. I'm naturally a side sleeper and the pain was so bad it would wake me up. Honestly I've been sleeping in my recliner for months to avoid the pain.I finally thought about why I didn't have pain in the recliner and I came up with:1. Sitting partially up2. Knees are bent ever so slightly3. Sleeping on back instead of sideI thought about how I could recreate this in my bed so I bought this to keep my knees bent, I bought a bedrest (from Amazon) to keep me partially sitting up. (Pillow behind my head) and when I tried them out last night I found I did not turn over on my side and I had a great nights sleep!No more recliner for me!

Good leg rest elevation cushion

by -

I really like this product. The firmness is good to elevate and rest. It is longer than anticipated as I use one very similar at a spa location. The length iss cumbersome trying to situate in bed under the covers. Ideal size 20 inches would be plenty in the length. Luckily, I found 17 inches in length and was able to exchange it for a smaller size. Delivery was prompt and in a large box so no complaints about issues getting damaged in transit. Give it a try as it works well for me. Hope this review helps others too.