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DMI® Elevating Leg Rest Cushion Pillow

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Starting at $28.17

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  • Ideal for elevating your legs at the correct angle while in bed; supportive foam keeps its shape
  • Helps give you a more comfortable night's rest by taking pressure off your back
  • Helpful for those suffering from back pain, knee pain, varicose veins, phlebitis or restless legs and those recovering from surgery
  • Specifically designed for knee elevation at a 30-degree angle
  • Includes blue polyester and cotton machine washable cover


  • Includes blue polyester and cotton machine washable cover
  • UPC: 041298080800; 041298080817

Ratings & Reviews

62 reviews

Life saver for those with knee pain

by -

I have used this for knee pain pre and post knee replacement surgery. Before surgery it helped to keep my knee elevated and helped with some swelling and pain. I know you are not supposed to have your knee bent on a pillow right after knee replacement surgery, but I was not able to find any way to get comfortable to get any sleep when I got home. I ended up using this with another similar shaped pillow we had a home. I had this one under my knee and the other one was under my foot/ankle. This way my leg was elevated, but my knee was not bent. This worked so much better than simply putting a pillow or two under my leg! Even if I moved a little in my sleep (which I couldn't really do for a while), the pillow stayed in place. With regular pillows, any slight movement and my pillow stack would tumble, with my post-surgical knee dropping to the bed in pain.Now, over a month post-surgery, I still use this when sleeping to elevate my knee, and often use as before to elevate my whole leg. I have been unable to get comfortable sleeping on my side with a regular pillow between my legs, as suggested by my doctor. I tried to use this one to lay on my side, with the pillow perpendicular to my body, with the leg on the bed up against it, and the top leg resting on top of it. It may take some experimenting to find a comfortable position, but it has been much more effective for me than playing around with bed or throw pillows have been.I have not tried to wash the cover yet, but have a feeling it would have to be air-dryed. I would definitely buy this again, and have recommended to others.

Good for the lower back

by -

Cons: As other reviews have mentioned, the picture does make it look longer than it is. The dimensions given are pretty accurate; it's several inches shorter than a standard pillow (or even a contoured memory foam pillow), but it stands higher. The "removable" cover is not really removable. There is a polyester cover that is not attached to the foam, but it fits so tightly that it would have to be cut off if you really wanted to put it in the washing machine. I just cover the whole thing with a standard pillowcase.Pros: This leg rest does allow me to sleep comfortably and wake up without back/neck pain. I have mild scoliosis and have had lower back pain for years, and this product helped immensely. Although it is small, the design and firmness make it stay in place at night. I could see how it might be too small for taller people, but it works well for me (at 5'6", 140 lbs). Since this product is so much less expensive than comparable products, I think it was a good investment.Tip: Let it air out for at least 24 hours after unwrapping it. It's made of polyurethane foam, and it gives off a strong chemical smell when first opened.

Highly recommended for anyone with lower back problems!

by -

I have arthritis in my lower back and knees, I used to have trouble sleeping because of the pain. I couldn't get comfortable sleeping on my back because my knees would feel hyper-extended and my back wouldn't be aligned properly. The first night I used this leg rest cushion was the first really good night's sleep I'd had in almost three years! By elevating my legs just this little bit, it allows my spine to line up without strain. My knees feel much better, as well, since the cushion keeps them slightly bent without tension.I was concerned that having something under my knees would cause my circulation to be cut off to my lower legs and feet. The memory foam allows just enough give so that doesn't happen, while remaining firm enough to still elevate my legs without the cushion flattening out.