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Brazos Walking Sticks™ Twisted Oak Walking Stick

SKU: Brazos Twisted Oak Backpacker Walking Stick
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Starting at $70.43

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  • This lightweight walking stick will feel like an extension of your arm as you use it on challenging trails or quiet walking paths
  • The walking stick is created from choice oak lumber that is sanded to a smooth perfection and sprayed with protective lacquer to magnify the natural beauty
  • The finished trekking pole is durable, strong, reliable, and eye catching
  • It is 100 percent made in the USA by our skilled woodworkers using only the highest quality materials and time tested methods
  • This oak hiking staff comes in four convenient sizes or it can be easily sized down with a hand saw


  • Made in USA by skilled woodworkers
  • Handcrafted, one at a time
  • Slip-resistant rubber tip; contains latex
    • Sizing recommendations: 41" for children up to 4'6"; 48" for adults up to 5'4"; 55" for adults between 5'4" and 5'11"; and 58" for adults taller than 5'11"
    • Lifetime limited warranty; UPC 840008010058, 840008010072, 840008010065, 840008010096, 840008010119, 840008010102, 840008010133, 840008010157, 840008010140, 840008011833, 840008011857, 840008011864

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actually aids walking

by -

This nice walking staff is light and easy to walk with actually helps me walk longer. At 58 inches it is also a good weapon to keep any wild animals or frisky dogs away, not that I needed it that way. It comes with a good rubber tip that grabs the roadway good and by pushing down slightly my feet get a little relief. It is nicely made out of strong red oak with a grip area and a leather strap through a hole allows me to hold it tight and hang it near my front door.It isn't easy being 68 and any advantage I can find is a good thing. Always drinking wine after walking helps too. Happy walking.

Sturdy, Handmade Walking Stick

by -

This staff is beautifully finished, including a bit of information about the craftsman who made it. The lifetime warranty is good. My only complaint is that a local store sells similar walking sticks from the same company for a much lower price.


by -

This is a nice, very sturdy walking stick. The red oak is a pretty color and I really like the wavy design. I've used a cane but the walking stick allows me to walk and stand fully upright. I have hip and ankle problems and feel much more secure walking with this stick than with a cane. Despite being teased and called 'Moses', I will continue to use the walking stick without worrying about falling.