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Brazos Walking Sticks™ Free Form Ironwood Walking Stick

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Starting at $49.94

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  • Our Free Form Ironwood Walking Stick, also known as American Hornbeam, is a popular choice for those seeking an extremely strong stick coupled with a one-of-a-kind look and feel
  • The texture of the wood resembles a deer antler and is naturally ridged. It's a solid stick while being relatively lightweight.
  • This staff is sure to become a trusted companion on nature walks, difficult hikes or casual strolls in your neighborhood. Or perhaps a prized possession to add to your collection!
  • The leather strap at the top helps you get a secure grip on the walking stick. The rubber tip helps you gain good traction on most surfaces
  • Each walking stick is made in the USA by master woodworkers. Handcrafted, one at a time.


  • Made in USA by skilled woodworkers
  • Handcrafted, one at a time
  • Slip-resistant rubber tip; contains latex
    • Sizing recommendations: 41" for children up to 4'6"; 48" for adults up to 5'4"; 55" for adults between 5'4" and 5'11"; and 58" for adults taller than 5'11"
    • Lifetime limited warranty; UPC 840008013035, 840008013042, 840008013059, 840008013066

Ratings & Reviews

20 reviews

Sturdy Ironwood Trekking Poles

by -

I wanted handmade, wooden trekking poles, because the metallic poles would be hazardous during thunderstorms, and you never know when those show up suddenly. These poles are excellent, with rubber tips and leather wrist lanyards. They do not telescope or collapse down, and I prefer that they don't. I want them as sturdy as possible. These are it.

Crooked Stick — sometimes

by -

My 55 inch stick arrived with the bottom at 40 degrees to the rest of the stick. It was also short. Otherwise it looked strong and quite nice looking.I tried to twist the rubber to a more favorable angle but because the bottom of the stick had such a sharp bend it would need trimmed about 4 inches then it would be much to short. I sent it back. And am awaiting my replacement. Its late.The rubber tip would have worn out prematurely on one edge. The person making this stick must have had something other than my walking stick on his mind in order for it to pass inspection.UPDATE: After a lost shipment the 2 new sticks showed up. One had a bend in the center which was still very useable. One was straight and very strong. I recommendthis walking stick just be prepared for the occasional crooked one which may or may not satisfy your individual needs.


by -

This trekking pole is perfect for what I wanted it for. I have a small dog and I want to take her for walks as she is a little over weight (join the club, ha) and we have several people with pit bull dogs and some have NO leashes on them at all and just in case they go after my dog, I tell you I will whip the you know what out of them. Believe me I know it is NOT the dogs fault it is the owners today.