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Brazos Walking Sticks™ Free-Form Hickory

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Starting at $47.38

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  • This strong, solid walking stick is one of our best-sellers for good reason. Its rugged beauty will appeal to you if you're an outdoorsman trekking on a difficult trail or a casual walker looking for support and protection.
  • Hickory is a strong, durable wood that is able to withstand the most strenuous conditions. Its unparalleled strength has made it a wood of choice for tool handles, bows, and baseball bats.
  • Our Free Form Hickory Walking Stick is made from the finest wood that is meticulously cut, sanded, and sprayed with a protective clear coat lacquer to bring out its natural beauty
  • The leather strap at the top helps you get a secure grip on the walking stick. The rubber tip helps you gain more traction
  • Each walking stick is made in the USA by master woodworkers. Handcrafted, one at a time, so no two are exactly alike. Comes in four convenient sizes or can be easily sized down with a hand saw.


  • Made in America by skilled woodworkers
  • Handcrafted, one at a time
  • A sturdy, dependable, beautiful creation that will last a lifetime
  • Ideal for serious hikers on strenuous trails or for casual walkers who simply want a stable, virtually indestructible walking companion
    • Comes in 4 convenient sizes, and can be easily sized down with a handsaw; contains latex; UPC 840008012823, 840008012830, 840008012847, 840008012854

Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

Good product

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Good to carry when going for a hike. Provide balance, propel forward, reduce pressure on the back. I tried walking sticks (like Nordic walking sticks) but I was unable to build rhythm. Using walking staff does not need any special technique or rhythm.

Great Hickory walking stick except rubber stopper

by -

The rubber stopper on the end of my walking stick has worn out after a month. Purchased another hickory stick for a friend an the rubber stopper is better built. Will try an go find a replacement!

Stick rattles when tamped to the ground.

by -

Hello, Its a pretty stick, but not as good as the previous one I had that was stolen from my truck.Contacted Brazos and was contacted by Hannah. I responded with pics of the stick, and explained to her what the issue was and how it was much thinner than my first one. No response back. I guess because I purchased a Brazos stick from Amazon. Stick looks nice, but buying my own blank and will make my own from now on.Was dismayed by Hannah's response.JB Epperson